Experiencing the Power of the Honour Principle

and How It Can Add Significance to Your Life




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Honour is a fleeting quality today and the few who live by its code stand well apart from the rest. It is my heartfelt prayer that this book will impart a spirit of honour to all who read it and that it will restore a sense of honour to the Church around the globe. I pray you will be both inspired and challenged.

Brian Houston

Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

In this book you will discover one of the greatest, but least understood and practiced principles of Scripture -- the principle of honor. As you read, your heart and mind will come alive with hope and encouragement.

Dale O’Shields

Senior Pastor, Church of the Redeemer

Robert Barriger is a man whose life has defined the very meaning of honor and this book is the blueprint for learning how to live a God honoring life to those all around us.  Displaying honor is not a lost art, and this book proves just how powerful honor can be.

Dino Rizzo

Lead Pastor, Healing Place Church

Honour Found is a great resource that provides insight on the principal of honour, and how to practically apply this principal for success with those you lead, as well as those who lead you.

John C. Maxwell

Best Selling Author, Leadership Expert and Founder of The John Maxwell Company.

From the shelves of scripture to the newspapers of today, Robert skillfully reweaves the fabric of honour. The lessons he has taken to heart we

should bear in mind that the reputation of the around us might be safe in our hands.

Tommy Tenny

Founder of God Chasers Network & Best Selling Author

It takes a man of honour to write about the subject of honour. He has issued a call to our generation, summoning us to understand the respect and the character that pleases God and ennobles those around us.

Stephen Mansfield

New York Times Bestselling Author


I wrote this book in response to a question

pounding within my heart, Where is the honour?

Winston Churchill once said, “a nation that fails to

honour it’s hero’s, will soon have no hero’s to honour.”

This is a call to honour.